About Us

Creativity is intelligence having fun

Albert Einstein

Hi! I’m Jędrzej…

I’m a photographer and graphic designer based in Belgium.

My adventure with photography had began in 1992. Over the years I’ve been photographing with various cameras. Beginning with Zenit 12XP, via Practica MTL 5B (until today still my favourite camera). I also had the chance to shoot with some unique cameras like Mamiya 1000 DTL or Yashica FX-2. Some of them were true technical marvels, like Pentacon Six or Horyzont 202.

I graduated from a photography and graphic design school, and I followed lessons with one of the best photographers in my home town. At some point I was so into photography, that I converted our only bathroom into a dark room. My mom wasn’t happy 😉

Years later I decided to open my own design studio in Belgium.

Enjoy your stay here.