Agape drinks branding

Step 1: Sketch

I started by sketching some ideas.

There were more ideas, but of course I had to choose one. I decided to go with a glass with a hand held. Note some Greek accents on the sketch.

Step 2: Final logo

After I finished my sketch, I went to a vector drawing program and drew this:

t felt like something was still missing, so I added some “vibe” by adding a texture.

Step 3: Choosing Fonts

For a good brand identity, you need to choose fonts that go with it. I was choosing between:

  • NASIC – title
  • BRIORK – text

  • ULTRAL – titel
  • AGRARY – text

  • NASTIC – titel
  • RIORKS – text

e uiteindelijke keuze was Ultral en Agrary.

Step 4: Colours

For this project, I created a number of mood boards. I knew I was going for a brand that would be:

  • imaginative
  • inspiring
  • positive
  • warm
  • enthusiastic

I found the colours I wanted with the second from the right image.

Primary colors:

  • Dark blue
  • Almost black
  • Orange

Secondary colours

  • Light blue
  • Light yellow
  • Grey

Step 5: Stylescape

This is a very simple document that shows fonts and colors connected with some text and photography. It’s not a brand guide yet, but it gives an idea of how the brand will feel when a fully developed guide becomes available.

Step 6: Styleguide

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